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Monday, November 18, 2013

December groups!

We had a great Everett group on Friday, and we welcome our newest members!  This is a tough thing to be dealing with and we are so grateful for your honest emotions and sharing of possibilities. 

As you all know, we are heading into the holidays.  Argh.  I was just speaking to someone and I asked about their plans for Thanksgiving.  This person talked about the family that was coming, and the food, and that they were looking forward to it.  Then the person mentioned that Thanksgiving was the anniversary of their spouse's stroke!  So a double whammy - first Thanksgiving without a spouse as well as the anniversary of a serious illness.  Remember to be gentle with yourselves as we approach the holiday season.  It can be hard for all sorts of reasons, as I learned above.

Take extra time for yourself if you need it, or spend more time with family and friends.  Perform whatever rituals make you happy, and don't worry if there is a little crying!  Above all, put yourself first and be aware that you may feel some physical effects as well as emotional and mental.

We will be having our December groups as normal.  Seattle group the 9th at 10am; Everett group the 13th at 10am. 

Take care!

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